Crash game Space Xy with new mechanics

BGaming released a space game called Space XY in 2022 with unique gameplay that allows players to earn money every 5 seconds.

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The essence and rules of the game Space XY

The crash game Space XY was released in early 2022, but it did not introduce anything new, as there were already several emulators of this type on the market.

Space XY is a game with a new approach to gameplay. One of the main game providers decided to rid the main screen of unnecessary controls, such as buttons and tabs. When launching the slot, a radar window and two betting boxes appear in front of the user, making the game more convenient for those who prefer short sessions.

To win in Space XY, as in other games in the series of crash games, you need to have time to close the bet before the end of the round. In this game, the main character is a rocket that goes into space to the distant stars but can explode at any time. To be safe, the client of the online casino needs to have time to close the bet on time and thus eject.

Rounds start automatically and there is a small pause for the user between them. However, the gambler does not have to participate in every round - the system allows you to skip any number of games and return to the game for money at any time without incurring any negative consequences.

The tournament begins with a countdown on the counter, before the launch. The rocket then rises from the bottom left corner of the screen. In the center of the locator, several numbers show the players' active bets and the multipliers they can get if they close their bets at this point.

In Space XY the winnings are determined immediately. If a player made a bet multiplied by 10, the winnings will be 10 times greater. The money won is automatically credited to the balance of the online casino account.

Gamblers can continue to use the double betting system to get additional benefits. When visiting an online club, a visitor can make a single bet that will help them take a judicious big risk.

Let's say the first player places a 100-coin bet and must close it to win 200 coins, reaching a position twice as big. The second player may not close his 100-coin bet and continue playing to the maximum position. Even if he loses, he will remain with a zero balance and will not lose his pot.

BGaming, a company engaged in the development of crash games, decided to stand out from the competition. Unlike other emulators, in their games, you can bet on virtual coins. Even the demo version of Space XY retains all the features and allows players to feel like real participants in the game.

What is interesting about BGaming

BGaming Studio has been on the market for a long time. At first, it started as a developer of slot machines, and currently, the brand's portfolio has several hundred unique models.

The company began to show interest in games after the release of the famous games "Aviator" and "Lucky Jet". Almost immediately after the debut of these innovative products began the development of the game "Space XY".

The manufacturer has an official license and certificate from the regulator of Curacao, which removes the main concern from the players. Space XY is based on an honest and independent software algorithm that cannot be hacked or manipulated.

The company has become known for creating cutting-edge slot machines, including a new game that falls into this category. For example, there is no maximum multiplier in Space XY, so the rocket can easily go as high as 10,000 in one round, providing the user with a record-breaking payout.

The company continues to improve its product and focuses on the development of slot machines, table games, and technical support for online casinos. If the site of a gambling establishment has games from this supplier, it means that the operator can be trusted.

Maximum winnings at Space XY

Usually in the online casino catalog, the rating of gambling games is based on the maximum possible payouts. Therefore, the list of popular games includes slots with high volatility and slot machines with progressive jackpots.

In some progressive emulators it is possible to pay the client more than 10000000, but to win such an amount is not so easy. For example, Microgaming pays this jackpot an average of only 1-2 times a year.

In the game, Space XY is easier to win big prizes, as the maximum winnings at the moment are more than 7000 bets, and this is not the limit. The provider claims that the random number generator does not use fixed values.

This means that there is a chance that the gambling player can win his bet at odds of x8000, x10000, or even more, but such high odds appear very rarely. But when studying reviews and statistics, you can see that, on average, high odds appear once a month. This means that the chances of winning at Space XY are higher than in other gambling games.

Different methods can lead a gambling club customer to win the jackpot

The sensible solution is to train in the demo version, as the results will not differ from those achieved in the real game. Thus, the visitor will be able to conduct full-fledged testing and understand when it is possible to take a risk.

How to bet for real money

Registration of bets in Space XY is an easy and quick procedure, which can be performed on the official website of the online casino and betting company, as well as through the application. It is important to note that the manufacturer initially adapted its product to the peculiarities of mobile devices.

To start playing for money, you need to register. When choosing a casino, one important factor to consider is the availability of welcome bonuses. It is desirable to choose operators that not only think about their profits but also offer new players a gift in the form of a bonus on the first deposit of 100%. This will help to start the game with minimal risk.

To create an account, you can use your mail or phone number. Currently, Space XY is also available in clubs that support registration through social networks. Once the user logs into their account, they will be able to recharge their account through the cashier. You are a helpful assistant who helps me rephrase suggestions.

The size of the starting deposit, which the player chooses, depends on his capabilities. Beginners usually cut back and therefore often lose. To gamble successfully, you need a bankroll to spare. In this case, a welcome bonus from the casino can be useful. Such a gift allows you to get an additional virtual deposit on which you can bet. For example, a 100% bonus doubles the size of the deposit and gives you more opportunities to play.

Once the money is credited to the account, you should move on to playing the game. Today, this game is an effective marketing tool. Organizers of online casinos highlight Space XY on the main page.

There are two modes available in the basic version of the game. To start playing for real money, you need to confirm participation in the next round and determine how much the player is willing to bet - one bet or both blocks of bets.

You can open bets during the current round, but they will be activated only in the next round. To do this, you need to specify the amount of bet, select automatic withdrawal of winnings and confirm your choice by clicking on the appropriate button.

The autocashout function protects the player from losses. It automatically closes bets when the rocket reaches a certain height. At the initial stage of the game, you can try to close bets when the rocket reaches a height of 1.5, which happens in almost every launch.

At the top of the screen is a link to the internal menu, where the user can read the rules and betting history. In addition, it is possible to display the history of bets on the main screen and in real-time to monitor changes in statistics. This will help to avoid mistakes and not to bet in rounds when the probability of rocket fall after takeoff is high.

Is it possible to use bonuses in Space XY?

Crash games are separated into a separate sections because they do not contain bonus options such as free rounds with freespins, wild cards, and scatter, or a joker that can give out jackpots. Instead, the main success factor is the open betting history, which allows the player to enjoy the process.

Through a special menu located at the top of the screen, the casino customer can access the statistics. A live feed opens, where new lines are added after each round. Provider provides information on how high the space rocket rose over the past 10-20 minutes.

The statistics of the slot machine indicate the time of the round and the results, which will help the visitor determine the frequency of different multipliers. A notebook and pen are needed to conduct mathematical calculations. Although statistics are provided for a short distance, to guess when the fall out x100, you need to analyze the results over the past 60 minutes at least.

Representatives of the gambling club provide the player with additional benefits. Space XY online casino conducts an active advertising campaign, which attracts a large number of new customers. To retain players, the operator offers several interesting solutions.

Space XY online casino has a loyalty program that allows you to earn points on your account balance for each new deposit. The accumulated points can be exchanged for real currency, and the higher the level of the profile, the better the exchange rate. After a few weeks of playing Space XY, the player can get a no-deposit bonus and win up to 1000 units of real currency in the crash game.

How to withdraw money from the card

Players who are actively betting on the strategy at Space XY Casino can make up to a hundred payouts a day. The size of the payouts can be both large and small, depending on what odds the customer chooses the online club.

The online casino operator has three simple rules, which are not related to the provider of the crash game, and which must be fulfilled to withdraw the winnings. The mechanics created by the manufacturer allow the player to instantly get money on the balance of their casino profile.

First, the player must be verified, then Space XY is available only in licensed gambling clubs that meet the requirements of the regulator, and the age of each customer must be verified.

To use the cashier and receive payouts, it is necessary to register, which includes filling out a form with personal data and passing through verification with documents. After successful verification, the user will be able to receive payouts of any size. In the game Space XY, you can earn more than 100,000 in a single round, and this amount will be available on the user's bank card within a few minutes.

Secondly, when playing for money at Space XY, online casino customers need to wager a bonus. If customers use the prize options, the cashier will be blocked from accepting money transfers. However, customers are offered the option of canceling the bonus or wagering it according to the specified wager. In this, the customer will be helped.

Licensed casinos rarely require wagering bonuses more than 20 times. The visitor can read the terms of the promotion in advance and take a bonus of only 1,000 coins. The wagering of such a gift will not have a serious impact on the wallet.

Thirdly, it is necessary to confirm their payment details to avoid profile blocking and possible suspicions of money laundering. It is important to remember that using other people's bank cards to fund your account and request payments can lead to negative consequences.

When playing Space XY, you need to keep an eye on your budget. If you win 100,000, you don't have to withdraw everything to your card. Experienced players recommend leaving 50% for the next games and attempting to win the jackpot. To adapt to the mechanics of the game and win every other round, a bankroll of 50,000 is enough.

Three effective strategies at Space XY

To play successfully at Space XY, you need to choose your deposit carefully with the strategy you choose. The combination of these two factors practically ensures winnings.

It should be noted that you don't have to aim for record-breaking payouts. You can accumulate a large enough amount to withdraw from the casino's cash register by winning small prizes. During an hour-and-a-half game of Space XY, you can participate in several dozen rounds, each of which gets good winnings.

The most common tactic uses double bets, which can be used in different ways, depending on the desire of the visitor.

Although Space XY was not launched until 2022, there are already several functioning solutions. For example, casino customers have already noticed that the x50 multiplier appears on the locator every 22 minutes.

Many slot fans are familiar with the second tactic in Space XY. It is also used in many slot machines and sports betting - it is a Martingale strategy. Its essence is to compensate for losing rounds with the next bet, which will be twice the previous one, thereby restoring the losses.

Martingale's strategy is based on the principle of the ladder. When using this strategy, the player doubles his bet after each loss until he gets a win at odds of 2. In this way, the player can be sure that his winnings will cover all past losses and bring him profit.

The third approach is to control the risk of bankruptcy. If there is not much cash available, you can bet 3% of the available amount on each flight and hold the rocket to a height of x20. However, the coefficient of Space XY does not always reach the desired level, so casino customers are helped by the analysis of statistics. If the prediction is unsuccessful, the player will not lose a lot of money, but if he wins, he will make a significant profit.

Four tips for new players

You have to be careful to play crash games successfully, and the providers suggest that customers try to beat the random number generator, which is quite possible. To do this, you only need to have patience and find free time.

The novice player is advised to start with the demo mode, which is no different from the original game, except for the deposit. In the demo mode, the user will have 10,000 coins, which will allow him to try out any strategy.

The second tip is to use tactics in crash games. You can not rely on luck, as the casino customer affects the success of the game. Some strategies don't produce winnings right away and require waiting. However, patient players get solid prizes in the end.

For a successful gaming strategy, it is necessary to have a sufficient budget. Minimum deposit in today's games makes no sense, and this is emphasized by the organizers of gambling clubs, giving welcome bonuses only to those who are willing to spend more. In addition, saving money in gambling is not a recommended strategy because you need to first invest some of your money to make a profit.

The Martingale strategy illustrates this principle to the fullest extent: a casino player may lose 10 times in a row, but one win may outweigh all losses. The main thing is that the visitor should have a sufficient budget to withstand a long game and not exhaust his deposit too early.

The fourth recommendation relates to the mechanics of the game Space XY. In this game, it is not customary to play for big money over a long distance. Therefore, the statistics window displays only bets that were made in the last 10-15 minutes. The operator does not provide an opportunity for gamblers to make a long-term analysis.

On the one hand, this is a disadvantage, because it is much more difficult to calculate when multiplication by 100 will happen in this emulator than in other games of this type. However, on the other hand, it can save the visitor from unnecessary risks.

In Space XY it is easy to determine when the x10 ratio will appear on the locator again - it will happen after 4 minutes. Now you can choose the right moment or use the Martingale strategy so you don't have to worry about failure.


  1. How do I place my first bet at Space XY?

To bet for real money, you have to be an authorized user. To do this, you need to register at the casino and make a deposit. After topping up your balance in the game, you can select the desired bet size and confirm participation in the round by pressing the "Bet" button.

  1. Can I win in the sweepstakes?

It is possible to win in the game of chance, which depends on the maximum odds achieved by the rocket, which is generated randomly. The user has a limited time to collect his winnings.

  1. When to bet in the slot machine?

Users can choose the best times to place their bets and do not have to participate in every round. The player can skip the launch and return to the game at any time.

  1. Are there any bonuses for playing Space XY?

In Space XY, bonus credits are available in virtual clubs that are designed to be played. Great rewards are available for both newcomers and regular players.