Space Xy reviews: What do real players think about the game Space XY?

Reviews about the game Space XY confirm that it has a high rating in emulators. This novelty, which appeared recently, today enjoys great popularity in online casinos with a license. On Space XY reviews leave players of all levels who note the good balance of the game.

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A novice gambler can easily win in this slot regularly. The mechanics of the game does not contain anything complicated, and the main advantage of Space XY over other analogs is that the provider provides unlimited demo mode.


I was convinced by the reviews of other users and decided to try this casual game. However, I made the mistake of not practicing in the demo mode and lost my first deposit. But on the second try, I was lucky and I won 7 thousand!


I don't often come across something better than this in casinos. Here you can apply strategies and play not only slots, which is a big plus. You can win without investing a lot of money.


Space XY is now a must-play game in every casino, and it's not surprising, because it's the best crash game with amazing opportunities to win. In the initial stages of the game I won by 2000, but then I decided to take a risk and ended up with a net win of 100,000 in a day.


Slots attract by their simplicity and ease the player does not need to perform any complicated actions. You only need to choose the right moment to bet, and then you definitely will not lose. Betting in each round is not required.


I use the official casino emulator, which works better than many slots. I do not play often, but I like the fact that you can make good money in a few minutes.


I will tell you frankly, I did not expect that playing for money in this slot will be profitable. At first, the gameplay seemed too fast and simple, and the rocket was falling immediately after takeoff. After 10 minutes the situation improved and I won 3000. It's certainly not much, but better than nothing.


Today in online casinos this game is the best without options. It does not require a large amount of money to start the game, and the winnings can be easily obtained already on the third round. Bets can be placed at any convenient time. In addition, there are betting statistics, which helped me not to lose even 10 rounds in a row.


I found real reviews of Space XY, where many people describe their strategies, and every second mentions Martingale. Personally, this strategy didn't work for me because it takes too much money. I close the bets at 1.5 and also make a profit. Although it happens gradually, in the end, I am always on the plus.


Not so long ago I paid attention to the game Space XY. Initially, I was skeptical of this novelty but ready to change my mind. Other games I even forgot, as Space XY attracts not only a lot of winning strategies but the game mechanics itself. It makes the excitement run high, which keeps you on your toes in the game.


I've been playing slot machines for five years and tried many different ones, but so far my favorite is Space XY. The developers know their stuff because here you can always win, no matter where I am. I have already withdrawn more than 50 thousand, starting with a budget of 5000.


Maybe the game itself is not impressive, as the graphics are simple and the main gameplay is monotonous. However, there is one nice thing - playing here is easy to make money. I started with a deposit of 2,000 and on the first day, I was able to reach 10,000. On the second day, I played with a higher risk, betting at 3000, and although the winnings were slightly less, I was still in the plus.


The reviews of Space XY are very attractive. Many note the high payouts, so I decided to try the game myself. The gameplay is nice, although I wish there was a Russian language. I quickly figured out the mechanics of the game. At first, I was closing my bets right after the round started, but then I started taking risks. After several losses, I finally won by x500. Everything was just great!


I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the crash game, it was better than Aviator. The simple interface and the demo mode are its main advantages. Thanks to the demo mode you can practice as much as you want without worrying. I've been playing for a week and won five times.


The game is amazing! It is far superior to the machines, as it is easy to win almost every round. In addition, very convenient that you do not need to bet each time - you can wait for the perfect moment.


I highly recommend everyone to try this emulator. It's incredibly easy to use and you can easily calculate when the rocket reaches x10. That's already a pretty good result! I was able to reach x100 several times and it helped me to increase my bet to 1000 significantly.


Wow, what a success! In one round I managed to win both 10,000 and 30,000! However, the main thing is to have time to close your bet before the collapse occurs. Some statistics help you predict moves and odds, so it's not that difficult. If you are a beginner, we advise you to start with small bets.


I've tried a lot of games with crash effects, but now this emulator is at the top of my list of the best. I'm particularly impressed with the quality of the graphics. I play on my phone for 2-3 hours and I do not get bored.


This slot offers real chances to win, but not to lose because of greed, it is important to stick to certain tactics. You need to be careful and do not strive to go up by a lot at once. One of the tips is to wait for the moment when the rocket reaches the level of x5, which happens every 10 minutes.


Playing the crash game is very exciting because the game requires quick reactions and intuition, not just luck. I have studied the Martingale strategy and I play by it. Although the first few bets may lose, I steadily come out in the plus.


At the moment I have only positive emotions. First of all, I like the mobile version with its nice design. Second, I often win if I bet at low odds. Third, I like the fact that there is a free demo mode. I was able to download the casino app to my phone for free.


A lot of games that are similar to this one, but in my opinion, Space XY is the most interesting. The odds are not as high here, but the probability of winning is much higher. In addition, you can make two bets, which allows you to win even with a small bet.


I read a lot of reviews and decided to try this game. It's really good, especially compared to video slots. The chances of winning here are much higher. In addition, there is an advantage in the calculation. I guessed the x50 multiplier several times and earned quite a lot!


It's nice that there is a free demo version here with no restrictions. Unlike other crash games where the only thing you can do is watch, it doesn't do anything. I tried out a few strategies and only then started playing for real money. I only play with a minimum deposit and win more than I lose.


I wish there were bonuses in the game, but overall it's great. I realized that playing here requires a lot of intelligence and patience, as successes don't always come quickly. Despite this, my deposit of 3000 has now grown by 20k, so I keep playing.


Although this game resembles a gamble, it carries an adventure that is worth the risk. At first, I was losing for the first ten minutes, but then luck smiled on me and my rocket took off at x40 in two rounds. I was closing at x20 and playing with two bets in each round, so I ended up with double the profits. It was just unbelievable!


I visit the casino from time to time. I used to play only slot machines, but now I found a new game that has completely changed my attitude towards gambling. Unlike slots, in this game, there is no need to spend money after each round. I have developed my tactic of waiting. Usually after three unsuccessful rounds, the game begins to profit for a long time.


I finally found a quality crash site with a minimalist design that suits me. Playing from a phone on this site is even more convenient. I often lose, but usually after one win, I get a real payout in the plus.


I was hesitant to play for money for a long time, but now I wish I had started sooner. It's a really exciting game that is not overloaded with unnecessary options and features. It's all up to your calculation, and it's up to you to decide when to close your bets. Thanks to the fact that I was able to adjust to the algorithm, I managed to win as many as 10 times in a row. Withdrawal of money was no problem and I am confident that the game is fair.


There are games in the casino where you can win jackpots without spending a lot of money. Space XY is one of those games. I bet 1000 and won at odds of x150. In the next round, I bet two of the same bets and won at odds of x225! They say such big multipliers in Space XY are rare, so I was very lucky.


I've been playing Space XY for about half a year now, and although the game is new, it's very exciting. I like that it has added arcade elements, which makes the gameplay more interesting. Winning every time is quite difficult, so I always bet over 0. Once I even won 5000 thanks to such a bet!


All aspects of the game, including graphics, interface, and gameplay, are at a high level. Especially worth noting the odds. At first, it may seem that there is no way to win in this emulator, because the rocket falls immediately after launch, but this is not the case. You just have to wait a little while. I didn't bet too much money, but within half an hour after betting 50, I won 2500 times more. The winnings were immediately transferred to my account and I was able to withdraw the money in a short period.


  1. Can I trust online reviews?

It is important to trust the opinion of real users when reading reviews. There are a lot of fake comments on the internet, so it's best to ignore them.

  1. Where can I find real reviews about Space XY?

To get an idea of the opinions and evaluations of real users, you need to choose credible sources. It is recommended to give preference to information portals and user forums that have a large audience. In addition, you can find real reviews on social networks.

  1. What are the advantages of the slot for the players?

One of the main advantages is the ability to control the gameplay itself. The user gets an opportunity to win a large deposit, as he can choose the time for placing and withdrawing bets himself.