Space Xy demo: how to start playing for free

Casinos can have a free practice thanks to the offer of the provider Space XY, which provides an unlimited demo mode with no time limit and preserves all the features of the crash slot.

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Five main features of Space XY

At Space XY, the demo mode has no time limit or the number of virtual deposits. Customers are given a base amount of 10,000 credits, which they can spend in its entirety at one time or spread out over several game sessions.

To update the balance of the demo account, the player only needs to reload the video slot page, and it will not affect the parameters of the game session. It should be noted that the random number generator keeps statistics and the rounds in Space XY are automatically triggered, which is one of the key features of the game.

In the demonstration mode, the user will also be able to pay attention to other aspects:

To get acquainted with the demo version of Space XY, the most convenient way is to use the mobile application of the casino. The visitor can easily download the crash game to his smartphone or tablet and start betting with one hand, without turning the device to the horizontal position.

How to master the game with double bets?

In the Space XY game, every casino customer can place two bets per round, which is not a new mechanism. Similar functionality can be found in other games in the crash category.

This option is not popular with most new customers. They feel that there will be too much expense in one round. Some are afraid of not having time to close two bets at the same time.

Providing a demo version for users is no accident. Thanks to the free practice mode, the visitor can master all the nuances and make sure that using double bet is profitable and profitable, most importantly - easy and safe:

The insurance strategy is as follows: the user of the official site of the online casino makes the first bet of 2000 coins and sets a multiplier of 2 in the window auto cash out. Then he makes a similar bet, but without using the auto cash out option.

Once the rocket reaches a height of 2.0, the visitor will receive an automatic payout of 4,000 coins. This means that the gambler will not lose money in this round, as the 4,000 coin payout will recoup all of his costs.

You can try to hold on to the second bet a little longer. If you close this bet manually at the x4 position, the gambler will make a nice profit.

In Space XY a demonstration mode is available, which allows you to test various tactics without restrictions. The visitor can experiment with different betting ratios and multipliers while using a cyclic algorithm of random number generation. In certain periods, the screen displays odds from 10 to 100, which can be confirmed by analyzing the history of bets.

What strategies can be tested in the demo?

Those who gamble and immediately start betting without prior training in the demo mode are likely to be in a losing position. A user who bets at random may get a few random winnings, but in the end, will still lose their deposit.

In any crash game, a strategy is important to help the player place the right bets and make money at both high and low odds over a long period.

Space XY professionals suggest using the following solutions:

A good strategy for the gambler is to use a fixed percentage, especially if the multiplier is x10. The rocket reaches this value every 6-7 minutes, so during this time, the user can lose a small part of his bank at minimum bets. However, if you win, you can recoup the costs and get a small financial plus.

The demo is suitable for testing the strategy of a player with high stakes, who can bet several thousand coins each round. Stakes can be closed with a win of two times, or you can try to reach a win of twenty times, resulting in a huge payout.


  1. How do I open Space XY in demo mode?

To play the slot for free, go to the casino website, choose a game from the gallery of gambling entertainment, hover your cursor over the splash screen, and select the "Demo" option.

  1. What is the difference between playing with a demo account?

A demo game involves the use of conditional money provided free of charge to the player in the form of electronic credits, which can only be used to play in the casino. However, it is not possible to withdraw winnings in demo mode.

  1. Is it possible to play the slot for free with a withdrawal?

Getting a no-deposit bonus is the only way, which is rarely provided in gambling clubs because usually bonus credits are awarded only when you deposit.