Space Xy Registration: How to start playing and winning

To bet money in Space XY, it is necessary to register, which can be done on the website or in the mobile application of the gaming club.

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How to register your Space XY profile

There is no need to register at Space XY, however, to start playing, the player needs to go to the casino website and register with the gambling club. This procedure is very fast and does not take much time. In addition, it only takes 5 seconds for a customer of a gambling establishment to make a deposit.

There are three ways you can create a profile to play at Space XY

Certified casino operators provide three choices:

During registration, the guest fills out a questionnaire, in which he specifies his data. The administration strongly recommends specifying only truthful information.

Registration rules for newcomers

If you use the emulator Space XY, then there is a chance of winning the jackpot immediately in the first round. However, there may be difficulties with the withdrawal of money. This is because the user is not familiar with the rules and conditions of the gambling club when registering.

Each client can only have one account, and if the security system detects that the visitor has created two accounts and received two welcome bonuses, both accounts will be blocked and all the money on them will be withdrawn. In such a case, it will be impossible to get the winnings at Space XY.

If the client provides false information about himself, for example, instead of his name and surname he writes a meaningless set of letters, the security service will not be ready to help.

Chat support on the website of every certified casino is not just organized for a reason. It is designed to help users in case of confusion or the need to edit data in their profile. The consultants on duty are always ready to assist in this matter.

How and why to pass the verification procedure

The mechanics of the game and the high volatility of Space XY attract its fans, but players are discouraged by the need for verification, which the operator of the club is forced to offer. This requirement is set in the parameters of the license issued by the company regulator.

The administration of Space XY can provide a level playing field for all players only after verification at registration. By linking passport data to the account, the user will not be able to pre-register and get more bonuses than other players. In addition, verification of the age of the user is required by representatives of the gambling establishment.

BGaming provides the opportunity to play a demo version of Space XY to all comers but to play for real money, the provider allows only adult players following international regulations on gambling.

Tips for new Space XY players

For those new to playing Space XY, it may seem similar to other crash games: there are many similarities in the mechanics, but there are also differences. If you are an experienced gambler, it is worth paying attention to some details that will help you avoid losing your initial deposit.

Three main features in the mechanics

The gameplay is related to the use of radar. At the beginning of each round, a rocket is launched, which can reach distant planets or fall on the spaceport. However, the casino customer is not interested in visual effects and space vehicles.

The first thing the visitor needs to pay attention to is the number under the odds, which shows the number of active bets. If players start dropping their bets, the newcomer is probably better off closing his bet.

Second, the novice gambler needs to examine the betting control panel menu, where an "auto withdrawal" function is available for each block. It allows you to close the bet automatically when reaching a certain ratio. For example, if a client of the game club indicated a value of 2.0 in this box, the bet will be calculated automatically as soon as the space rocket reaches this position.

Manual closing of bets is not always convenient, because the user may not have time to do it in case, for example, if the rocket falls to position 2.1.

In addition, visitors can view their betting history, and the Live feed is available in the top control panel. A quick analysis will help determine how high the space shuttle can climb in the next three to four rounds.

How do I use the auto-fill feature correctly?

The main feature of Space XY is the automatic output. Some beginners think that in crash games, success depends only on quick reactions. No experienced player closes bets manually.

The win-win strategy involves following a certain algorithm of actions, which is:

The automatic withdrawal feature should not be confused with automatic play, as it can be a trap for gullible customers. Each round in the game is like the flight of a space rocket, where the odds are constantly changing. Therefore, it is more likely that an automatic game will lead to a quick depletion of the deposit.

How to make the first bet

After registering on the official site, the player gets access to the cashier section, where he can use the various payment tools provided by the modern casino Space XY:

The official website of the online casino and the interface of the crash game displays the total bankroll of the game, which the visitor can use in full. It is possible to bet more than 1000 coins on each of them.

The process of registering a bet includes several steps:

When the game round begins, the odds on the screen begin to increase and the numbers in the betting block change. In live mode, the viewer can keep track of how much he is winning at the moment. The main thing is to stay concentrated and manage to close the bets before they become invalid.

How to get a signup bonus

At an online casino with a good reputation, every new player can get several bonuses for Space XY Crash Game thanks to a special incentive system.

Types of invitation promotions

Each online casino offers its own unique welcome bonus package. The best gambling club operators strive to attract new customers and turn them into regular visitors. If you want to play the crash game Space XY, you may be offered the following gifts:

After registration at the casino, the player can activate several bonus options during the first day. However, you should take your time and remember that each promotion in licensed gambling clubs is wagering separately, and it will require a budget. In order not to find yourself in a losing position, it is better to activate promo codes one by one and sequentially.

How do I get cashback and free money to use in my betting?

It's not just newbies who get casino bonuses. Regular players who wager regularly earn many more prize options.

One way to get money for free is to activate a cashback, which can reach up to 30% of the bonus. It is only available to those who are in deficit in the last 7 days, which gives you a chance to win back. While 30% is a significant amount, the cashback is a lucrative option.

If you want to play Space XY for free, there is another way to redeem complimentary points. These are rating points that are given to players for depositing and completing tasks. Depending on the number of complimentary points, the player may have a different status in the loyalty system.

When a player acquires VIP status, he gains access to a virtual cashier's office where he can exchange his comp points for real currency. Thus, fans of the crash-game Space XY will receive a full-fledged bankroll, which will allow them to play at any distance.

How to withdraw the first winnings

When withdrawing the first payout from the casino, a special check of the player's account by the operator is required. That is why experienced players recommend beginners to treat carefully each stage of registration.

If the account has unfulfilled requirements, such as active bonuses or incorrectly filled out forms, the cashier may refuse to pay out. To receive a reward, the user must meet or waive all of the required conditions. If the questionnaire is filled out incorrectly, it can be corrected, but it is recommended to do so before verification.

If the document check reveals inconsistencies with the completed questionnaire, the operator of the club may block the user, which can lead to lengthy proceedings. If you have any questions, you can always contact support, where the player will get full advice on how to register in Space XY and the withdrawal of winnings from the slot machine.


  1. How do I register at Space XY?

To play you do not need to register directly in the game, you have to create an account on the website of the online casino, which has the appropriate software. You will have to fill out a form, give your contact information, come up with a password and confirm your registration.

  1. How to deposit to the game account?

To deposit to the casino, you need to log in and click on the "Deposit" button at the top of the screen. After that, a form will appear in which you must specify the method, amount, and details for making a deposit request.

  1. Are there any bonuses for registration?

If the casino provides a welcome bonus, you may receive a corresponding reward upon registration or after your first deposit.

  1. Do I need to register to play Space XY?

If you want to play the slot in the familiarization mode, you do not need to register in the system. You can run the game for free, using the "Demo" section and electronic credits.