Space Xy: a review of the new crash game

Crash games have become a new hit in the gambling industry, and Space XY is one of the most popular representatives of this segment of entertainment.

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A gambling game with new mechanics

As soon as the Space XY money game started selling, it became one of the most popular gambling entertainment. At the moment there are not many games of this format on the market. The manufacturer has improved the graphics, added some new features to the mechanics, and thanks to this easily outperformed its competitors.

In the crash-game user must follow the flight of a spaceship that takes off into the sky, flying through the stratosphere and reaching outer space. The higher it climbs, the higher will be the multiplier of winnings for the customer in the casino.

In the Space XY review, a feature of the mechanics becomes an explosion that occurs at a certain point. The rocket detonates, which means the end of the round. To win, the gambler needs to have time to eject and close the bet before the disaster. In case the explosion happens earlier, the online casino visitor's bet will be unsuccessful.

Each round at Space XY Casino is a rocket flight to a different altitude, which can end in a crash or achieve a record high of x5000. In the betting history, you can track the results of previous rounds.

In each round, the provider offers to register two pairs instead of one, which is a revolutionary mechanic. This increases the number of playing strategies that can help you make money by several times.

One bet is good, but two are better

The double bet technology appeared precisely in crash games. The user can use two blocks of bets at once and play them according to completely different strategies. In the slot, you can also put 100 coins on one block, and 10,000 coins on the second.

There is one important condition. The user must independently close each bet before the shuttle crashes. This will allow him to gain double the benefit, but it can also lead to double the loss.

One of the pluses is that one bet can offset the other. If you bet 1,000 coins each on both pairs at odds of 2.0, both bets will be won. This allows the visitor to continue the game and risk safely from the second bet.

Using the demo mode on the gaming club website is great practice and helps to master the double bet mechanics. This gameplay gives players of the virtual casino a significant advantage and helps increase the chances of winning by beating the random number generator.

Auto Withdrawal Bets

The casino's Space XY provider allows online casino customers to gain an extra edge, as manual closing of both bets is nearly impossible. In addition, the player will need time to analyze the statistics and predict the moment of the explosion at a particular position.

It is suggested to automatically activate bets through the auto-exit function, which is available in the parameters window of each betting block. The user is provided with several buttons, using which it is possible to set the automatic withdrawal to the coefficient of x1.5. If the selected mode is activated, the bet will be closed almost instantly after the start of the round.

In addition, the player in the casino can set the automatic closing of the bet when the multiplier reaches x100. In case the winning multiplier reaches this mark, the bet will be automatically deducted. However, it should be understood that such high multipliers appear on the virtual radar very rarely.

The developer allows using autoplay in the automatic game, where you can run several dozen rounds in a row with a fixed bet. Each player can choose his position of autoplay, which turns the gambler into an observer. This approach often helps to get a small but real cash income.

Open statistics and its possibilities

To access the menu with the history of bets, you need to click on the icon in the upper right corner. In the live feed, which will open, the user can see the nicknames of players, winnings, and multipliers on which they closed their bets.

Analyzing the statistical data helps the player understand how the random number generator in the game Space XY works. Although the software algorithm is based on randomness, professionals have already figured out that some odds in this game fall out with a certain periodicity.

The rocket most often reaches positions from 1.5 to 50. In an hour, multiplier 30 appears almost 10 times. If you choose the right time, you can easily make a big bet at the right moment and make up for the unsuccessful rounds.

Universal mobile version

Space XY is a crash game that stands out from the rest thanks to its successful adaptive layout. Thanks to this, any gambler can run it not only through browsers such as Safari or Yandex but also in online casinos through a separate application.

The interface has been adapted so that the user can play from the phone in an upright position. Thanks to this, the user can comfortably study his betting history, while the rocket graphics provide a convenient overview. In addition, the betting block has been moved to the right-side center, allowing the user to register and close bets with one hand.

The game is created using modern HTML5 technology, so even if a casino visitor plays through a browser, his smartphone won't run out of power quickly.

Winning 5000 bets

One of the reasons for the popularity of the game is the opportunity to win a huge amount. Every casino player has a chance to increase his bet by 5000 times.

Statistics show that the Space XY rocket has already reached such heights several times, on average every two weeks. No other game offers such profitable conditions so often.

Space XY is reminiscent of high-risk slot machines, where the multiplier can reach 10,000. But to reach this multiplier, the player will have to spend not only one day but also several weeks.

Many videos and reviews from real players are available on Space XY, and the provider inside the emulator provides open statistics. Visitors to the casino can try to predict when a record multiplier will occur, and some manage to not only get a super payout but also win the jackpot several times in a month.

A win-win auto game

Space XY has a lot in common with other crash games in the mechanic genre. However, there is one important difference: no other emulator does not provide such a profitable mode of automatic play.

In the bottom right corner of the screen is the "auto" button, which the user can press. After you click on it the table will open in the interface, where you can select the number of recurring rounds. The club visitor can choose from three options - 50 rounds, 100 rounds, or choose 1000 rounds at once.

Before the game, the bettor sets the betting parameters, and the player determines the size of each bet and the automatic withdrawal of winnings for each section. In this way, Space XY becomes a fully automated gambling device for making money.

Usually, those who have a significant bankroll use the autoplay mode. If you have 100,000 on your balance, you can spend money but still get significant payouts. Gamblers choose auto cashout at positions 2.0-3.0 because analysis of the volatility of the machine shows that at these heights the payouts happen almost every 30-40 seconds. If an online casino customer spends more than 1,000 rounds, he is very likely to earn a significant amount of money.

Five ways to hit the jackpot

The Space XY crash game does not have a standard fixed jackpot, instead, it uses a progressive multiplier system. In each round, the multiplier can reach up to x5, and in the next round, it can go up to x500. In addition, once a month the multiplier can reach a value of more than x5000.

There are 5 types of strategies that can be used to win jackpots:

After practicing in demo mode, you can choose a strategy. This is convenient because the provider allows you to test each tactical decision without any restrictions.

Making an account and starting the game

Space XY provides the opportunity to start the game without registering and depositing money. Online casinos working with the provider can provide unlimited demo mode, in which the user gets a similar game session with equal odds of winning and the same statistics. Instead of real money on the user's balance are fan coins.

In the demo mode, the maximum deposit is 1000 credits, and you can an unlimited number of times to update and reset this amount. It is highly recommended to have preliminary training, especially if you run the crash game for the first time.

Today, online casino registration takes only 5 seconds and can be done through an account in a social network such as VKontakte. This is convenient because the player can quickly replenish his account with the desired amount.

There are different ways to deposit to the casino, but the customer needs to remember that the withdrawal of winnings is possible only on the same account from which the deposit was made.

Beginners often mistakenly choose to deposit no more than 100 credits, but it is not the best choice. It is recommended to deposit between 5000 and 10000 credits to get a powerful welcome bonus and create a financial cushion in the initial stages of the game when the risk of loss is particularly high.

Promotion code for new customers

Before registering on the casino site and starting to play Space XY, it is necessary to carefully study all the sections. When registering, the player will have to specify his login, come up with a password and enter a promo code. A promo code can be specifically created to play Space XY, as well as for other games presented on the online casino site.

If a user activates a promo code with free money built-in or a gift for the next deposit, he gets a significant advantage. In crash games, it is extremely important to have spare capital, as even experienced players sometimes manage to lose at the beginning of the game. If a plan yer has extra bankroll on his balance, he will not have to worry about losing his main deposit soon.

No deposit promo codes are available for newcomers, which do not require the user to make a cash deposit to activate the bonus. After registering using a coupon from an affiliate site, the gambler gets to play for free.

Although there are no built-in bonus features in the Space XY game, the developers have provided the opportunity to use various promotions from gambling clubs that are available to almost all players. To find out more about the available gifts, you can contact the 24/7 chat support team.

Secret bonuses for players

At Space XY, newcomers can bet as usual without the use of additional rewards, although the number of available bonuses is almost unlimited. The absence of bonus mechanics does not prevent you from using gifts from representatives of the gambling establishment.

The Space XY emulator, which is often referred to as a slot, is included in the casino catalog, but not in betting mode. Players can use several boosters at the same time:

If you sign up for social media, it will be easier to find bonuses. Clubs in the top 10 rankings update their bonus offers every week.

How much you can withdraw from a Space XY game

The final payout at Space XY depends on more than just the odds, so the user needs to consider several factors when choosing a bet size and time to register a bet. In addition, it is important to choose a suitable bankroll.

Even though Space XY is new on the market, some players have managed to win big money. Several times the multiplication factor was x7000, which even at small bets gave good winnings.

To win the maximum amount, you need to bet on each round using large amounts of money, several thousand credits in your chosen currency. If you do not have a sufficient budget, you can use money from the welcome bonus. Every gambling club that distributes crash games offers such a prize today.

It's not easy to predict when the maximum odds will appear. It usually happens once a month, with a rocket flying between x10 and x200. If the user wants to bypass this limitation, there is an option to download the Space XY hacker. The program gives signals for each round and helps to determine at what position to stop the space shuttle in the next attempt.

Rules for withdrawal of winnings in Space XY

The manufacturer of the slot machine is not responsible for the payment of winnings. However, the provider has developed a system in which the winning money is instantly credited to the player's balance, without requiring him to wait for the unfreezing of funds.

The classic rules apply to the online casino cashier:

The licensed casino requests from players quickly, but the first payout may take a little longer as it undergoes manual verification. Nevertheless, all subsequent transactions will be closed within 1-2 minutes.

How to win in the first round

Anyone can win at Space XY on the first try if they practice in the demo mode and take into account a few important points.

Earnings, in the long run, depend on the strategy chosen. Players do not always stick to Martingale's tactics. The mechanism of the emulator provides the opportunity to experiment and develop your approach.


  1. How to start playing Space XY?

To start playing, you must first choose a suitable casino and go to his working mirror. Next, you should register and deposit your balance. If you have authorized and made a deposit, you can now start playing with bets.

  1. Can I play without registration?

To play Space XY, you do not need to register: you can use a demo account with conditional credits, which will allow you to enjoy the game without restrictions.

  1. How do I win in the sweepstakes?

To achieve victory, it is important to close your bets on time. Although every participant strives to get the maximum odds in each round, greed can lead to losses. It is more effective to choose a strategy and stick to it.

  1. Are there any win-win strategies?

Although no strategy can guarantee a win-win, all existing tactics and schemes of earning are aimed at increasing the probability of winning and reducing possible losses.

  1. Where can I withdraw my winnings?

Withdrawal options depend on which casino you choose. Usually, such options as transfer to a bank card, e-wallet, or cryptocurrency account are available.