Space Xy bonuses: Features and types of prize features

In Space XY, a crash game, there are no bonus options in the mechanics, but the player can take advantage of open statistics and take part in prize programs offered by the operator of the gambling club.

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What are the benefits of the betting history?

In the game Space XY bonuses are not included in the main gameplay, and casino customers can only view the statistics of game rounds, analyze it and make predictions for the next round.

You can cite the strategy used in the crash game Space XY with odds x50 as an example. This algorithm is used by many professional players. The player needs to determine the exact moment when the odds will appear on the game screen next time.

Even if you consider a short period, you can see that x50 appears every 25 minutes with an error of 3-4 minutes. Nevertheless, this still gives the user a big advantage. If you count back half an hour from the last high of 0.0, there is a good chance to gamble and get back to that high odds.

On short intervals, it is possible to make sure of the effectiveness of statistics. For example, if the odds reach 2.0 every 3-4 rounds, then if it reaches 3.0 or more, the space shuttle won't be able to fly far from the spaceport for the next three rounds. Such rounds are worth not wasting your money and skipping them.

In the game Space XY statistics are available on the main screen. The visitor can observe the changes in the history of bets in real-time. The gambler analyzes the results of the rounds to identify patterns and cycles. This helps to understand how the random number generator works. Although in a crash emulator, the MSG works differently in each round, some cycles can be identified, which increases the chances of winning.

Most beginners use a recognized tactic: A low-odds strategy works for 90% of players. After one round, the odds increase to 1.5, so the visitor just needs to follow this algorithm and bet several thousand credits. Even with low odds, a big bet can bring significant winnings.

BGaming, which develops Space XY, provides a bonus in the form of the possibility of testing in demo mode, which is not provided by other crash emulators. This privilege allows you to practice betting on free fan coins with no time limit.

What casino bonuses are suitable for Space XY

Casino owners use bonuses as a means of marketing with no restrictions. Players are allowed to bet on prize credits in a variety of games, including slots and crash games.

How to get free money for Space XY

Newcomers to online casinos can get free currency without having to make regular deposits. Operators post promo codes for no-deposit bonuses to attract more customers.

In the registration window, the user can activate a coupon for Space XY. After that, a virtual amount of money will appear on his balance, or he will have the opportunity to get an additional gift when making the first or second deposit.

There is another way to play for free - to perform a task that the administration can offer. For example, download the application, pass verification, and bind your mail or phone. For each completed action, the casino customer will receive several dozen comp points.

Comp points are the casino's internal currency, which allows players to increase their loyalty level and receive free money. By exchanging one comp point for two units of real currency, the gambler can continue playing at Space XY without having to fund their account.

Features of invitation promotions

Special attention should be paid to the starter package, which is the most advantageous for new customers of virtual casinos. The standard welcome package usually includes three bonus options:

Loyal wagering conditions are the main advantage of welcome bonuses. They allow users not to limit themselves in time and successfully fulfill all the conditions of the promotion, turning the bonus balance into real winnings without any problems.

How cashback works in crash games

Space XY has another nice bonus for users - Cashback. It is provided by the operators of gaming clubs in the amount of 5% to 30% of the number of losses for the week. The conditions for obtaining this bonus are quite simple: the player must be in the red at the end of the game week.

Even beginners can lose in the game Space XY in crash game mode. Often they skip the demo version and immediately start playing in the main mode, which can lead to a rapid loss of the deposit within an hour and a half.

Money from the cashout can be received on Friday and Monday. They are credited to the prize balance, which can be used for betting without the need to replenish the account.

For many gamblers cashback in the slots becomes an additional bankroll, which helps to consider past mistakes, properly analyze the history of the bets, and, finally, to make a bet at the best time.

What information do I need to know about how to activate casino bonuses?

Activating bonuses is not difficult. If we are talking about the welcome package, the user needs to top up the balance with real money. The key advantage here is that the higher the amount of the first deposit, the higher the bonus the player will receive.

The gambler goes to the cash desk and chooses which way to deposit funds into the gaming account in Space XY. Various options are available, including the use of bank cards, cryptocurrency exchanges, and e-wallets. After the transaction in the payment system, the money will be credited to the balance of the account. As a helpful assistant, you can help the gambler understand the deposit process and choose the most convenient and safe way.

In certain casinos, the bonus starts automatically and appears on the player's balance. While at other online casinos, customers need to confirm their participation in the promotion to receive the bonus.

If you are just starting to play at Space XY, remember that you cannot immediately start playing with the bonus funds. However, there is an exception - no deposit bonuses that you can get for registering. To start playing, Space XY professionals recommend looking for the club's affiliate sites, where you can find promo codes for this crash game.

As soon as there are less than 10 coins left on the account balance, the bonus wallet becomes available. The gambler can use it to register a bet for prize credits and earn real money.

Funds received from winnings on Space XY bonus bets are credited to the gift account, not to the real wallet. To cash out these funds, you need to meet the conditions of the bonus, including meeting the wager.

BGaming only cooperates with licensed casinos. This means that the operator can't set the wager too high, which must be met to get the winnings. Usually, it takes anywhere from three days to several weeks to meet the requirements of the promotion, but it depends on the policy of each particular casino. The average wagering amount ranges from x30 to x50.

Using a bonus account in a game can bring real benefits, but newcomers often fall into the trap. During the first day, the user can activate up to 5 bonus options, but this is not the best choice. In this case, each option will have to wagering separately, which can require a lot of time and money.

Experienced gamblers begin their journey by using the welcome bonus, and then seek to benefit from cashback, and then use the exchange of complimentary points. Within one to two weeks of active gaming at Space XY, you can earn several thousand points, which can easily be exchanged for real money.

How else to increase your chance of winning at Space XY

It is important to remember that this game is only available in casinos for professionals. Rating gambling establishments are constantly updating their promotions, so the user needs to keep an eye out for upcoming innovations.

Bonuses from social networks

The welcome package provided by the casino operator has limited benefits that are quickly exhausted, forcing users to spend more of their funds. In addition, club visitors can take advantage of alternative promotions and get new gifts using social media.

Today, almost all online casinos have their own Telegram channel, and many of them use the Space XY brand to attract new customers. They release promo codes that allow you to get free bets in a crash game almost every week.

On the official website of the online casino, the player receives similar bonuses in the form of free spins. This allows the gambler to take part in real money games several times at the expense of the institution. If the visitor wins, the money will automatically be credited to his gaming account. However, the player must meet certain conditions to withdraw the winnings to his bank card.

In social networks, you can find reviews from other customers about the bonus program, as well as get valuable advice from gamblers on how to get bonuses and use working strategies. Some communities even allow guests to chat with each other. It's important to remember that by picking the right tactics for your bankroll, you can win regularly at Space XY.

Space XY promo codes

Coupons for Space XY come in three types. The first category is bonus invitation codes, which allow you to get free bets or rewards on your first deposit. The user can enter the promo code when registering or use it after logging into a personal account.

To get the second portion of bonuses, you need to subscribe to Telegram and the community VKontakte gambling club through social networks. This crash game is actively promoted by reputable licensed operators and has become very popular among players. The bonus is always nice.

The third series of Space XY vouchers are individual rewards that are provided mainly to participants in the casino loyalty program, promoting its levels. To receive these rewards, a visitor must regularly play money at Space XY. After two to three weeks of active play, the gambler receives several promo codes with deposit prizes.

Space XY provider does not advertise its bonuses, but customers of the popular casino can receive daily promotions. This does not give much advantage but helps to recoup some of the losses and create a reserve bankroll, which is important for the game for a long period.


  1. Is it possible to get gaming bonuses when playing at Space XY?

Bookmakers and online casinos most often give bonuses in the form of free spins and freebies, but it is possible to get free credits, which can be used in the slot machine Space XY.

  1. How to use the bonuses in the slot?

To use the bonus, you need to run the game in real game mode through the "Play" function. Writing off bets from the bonus account will begin when the main account runs out of money needed to make bets.

  1. How do I withdraw my bonus credits?

Before you can withdraw the bonus, you must meet the wagering requirements, and to do this, you need to clarify the wagering multiplier, which is the multiplier by which you need to wager the prize amount.

  1. Is there any bonus in Space XY?

There are no bonus rewards in the machine, but there are a few additional features such as auto withdrawal, statistics, and round history.