Space Xyanalogs and their differences from the original

In the game world, there are many analogs to the crash game Space XY, which are emulators with similar mechanics and interesting gameplay. But still, the new game Space XY surpasses all its competitors.

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Which games are similar to Space XY?

It is easy to find alternatives for Space XY. Every leading casino has a separate section with crash games. Experienced players agree that Space XY is superior to the competition.

The classic JetX game

Jet X is a game developer that was one of the first in this area of gambling entertainment. The game will again be about space adventure, where the user follows the flight of an aircraft and tries to predict when it will crash.

The classic mechanics apply limited statistics, the ability to do double bets, and the use of auto cash out. However, the disadvantage is that Jet X does not allow you to earn high odds.

Although the emulator has a long history, no player could win more than x1000. In most cases, Jetx gives out small winnings. This can be an advantage for beginners with a small budget. However, the player needs to spend a lot of time on the online casino site to earn a large amount.

Competitors are ahead of the ancient Jet X in terms of design and graphics, which causes players to comment on the awkwardness of the buttons on the control panel and the small fonts displaying the odds on the small smartphone screen.

Aviator - last year's hit

The Crash game Aviator, created by Spribe, is one of the loudest novelties of recent years. Although the manufacturer used classic mechanics principles as the basis, he created his product from scratch.

The main character in "Aviator" is a corncob that becomes the object of an aspiring farmer who wants to fly off to distant lands. Despite his best efforts, he fails to achieve consistent success in this endeavor.

Aviator presents advanced statistics, which is different from other crash games. Casino customers can examine their betting history for the last few minutes or even the last few days.

Aviator does not have a certain maximum multiplier, but some players have already succeeded and closed bets on positions with odds of x7000. Thanks to detailed statistics, it is possible to make a mathematical calculation and accurately predict when this multiplier will appear on the locator next time.

Gamblers in their reviews highly appreciated the pleasant design and convenient betting control panel in Aviator. However, some of them noted the mobile version as a drawback. To close or open bets, the user has to move the screen with his fingers, which can lead to the loss of winnings.

How much can you win at Lucky Jet?

Space XY and Lucky Jet are very popular games. Lucky Jet is a crash game in which the player accompanies Joe on his journeys to distant planets using a jetpack.

Lucky Jet has several advantages over its counterpart:

Space XY slot has one significant disadvantage - rounding of winnings in favor of the casino. For example, if the rocket reaches a position of x5.4, the user will only receive a payout of 5. In other crash emulators, players get the exact multiplier that was fixed on the screen when the bet was closed.

Why Space XY is better than other crash games

The only similarity between Space XY and the analog games is in the overall mechanics, while the emulator differs from them in all other respects. One of the main differences is the unlimited demo mode.

Not all online casinos can play free versions of "Aviator", "Lucky Jet" and "Jet X" games. Although the operator can provide access to these games, the user will not be able to bet on virtual credits.

BGaming is a company with extensive experience in the gaming industry, which explains the provision of all games in an unlimited demo mode. When a visitor visits Space XY for the first time, they get 1,000 fan coins for their deposit.

If a player practices the demo version on the official website of the online casino, it will help him avoid losing his deposit. In addition, thanks to the training and the opportunity to test several strategies, the player can get large payments already in the first 3 rounds.

In the game for money in Space XY there are some little-noticed details that in practice can have a significant impact on its outcome:

Crash emulators Lucky Jet and Aviator, as well as others, are already available in the final versions. Development from BGaming is in the process of modernization. Players can be sure that the manufacturer will actively update Space XY and add new features.


  1. Why choose Space XY?

Space XY has many advantages, including well-established mechanics, excellent interface and graphics, and high payout odds. In addition, an attractive factor is the possibility of unlimited use of the demo mode.

  1. Is it safe to play Space XY?

The slot machine uses Provably Fair technology, which ensures the fairness of the generation of the outcome of each round. Any result of the launch can be checked with a hash code.

  1. Where can I play the sweepstakes?

It is recommended to choose reliable gambling institutions with an impeccable reputation, especially casinos and betting shops that have a license and use the original software.