How to install the crash game Space Xy on your phone: the process of downloading

The game Space XY, which was developed for the computer, is now available on all types of mobile devices thanks to adaptation. Users can download the gambling club app along with the emulator to start playing.

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Why Space XY is better to play from your phone

Space XY is a free game available for download to anyone who loves gambling. It can be found both on the casino website and in the mobile app thanks to the integration into the platform. The developers recommend that you follow the space shuttle flights from your phone, as the game is created on mobile HTML5 technology.

Running the game on a mobile device with a separate app has many advantages

The mobile version of Space XY does not require a fast internet connection to play, and this is very convenient, as the mechanics of the game have an automatic bet completion feature. If for some reason the connection breaks, the player will not lose his bet, as the emulator will automatically close it at the set point. When the player returns to the game, he will find that the winnings have already been credited to his account balance.

On a smartphone, the statistics screen looks more convenient: betting results are displayed in large font, and the user can quickly perform a visual analysis of the data by swiping through the table. In the browser version, the statistics window takes up too much space on the screen, which may cause inconvenience for newcomers.

How to download Space XY on your smartphone

The policy of the chosen gaming establishment determines the conditions of the download procedure, as the manufacturer does not release a stationary version of Space XY. The emulator of this game is integrated into the casino system, and the operator can independently choose how to offer the client to download gambling games to the phone.

In the top 10 ranking of licensed online clubs, there are several application offerings, including Space XY, which can be installed on a smartphone or tablet with iOS or Android operating system. Even on outdated models of devices, you can download the Space XY game for money.

Some casinos provide versions of their app for macOS and Windows. This allows you to keep the casino app in the background and bet on the Space XY game anywhere - at home or work.

There is a link to download the app on the home page of the official site. In addition, individual clubs create a special section for downloading, which can be found in the top or bottom navigation bar. To download Space XY on your phone for free, you need to do the following:

The player frees up space on his smartphone and prepares the phone to download the mobile casino app with the crash game, which takes about 30-50 MB. It is important to disable all antiviruses on the device before downloading.

The player is provided with an APK file, which they download to their device. This process takes less than 10 seconds. Then it is necessary to unpack the resulting installer, which communicates with the server of the gambling establishment and installs the executive module.

To gain access to the personal account, the player must enter his username and password or register again. It is important to remember that licensed casinos are forbidden to create multiple accounts. If you want to start playing from scratch, you should contact support and request the removal of the old profile.

Crash game is available on the main navigation bar of the application or in the internal menu of the online casino, and modern operators of gambling establishments provide a separate catalog for it. This catalog allows visitors not only to play Space XY but also to compare it with other similar games.

The Space XY app, like its website, has a demo version available. This allows newcomers to start with free practice and then move on to playing for real stakes.

Interface and mechanics features

For the convenience of the user, the gameplay is carried out on one screen, without the need to switch to internal tabs to register bets and winnings. The functionality of the emulator includes several blocks.

On the main page of the emulator, players can go to the betting history, where the results of several dozen recent games are available. The user can analyze both short and long-range. The latest odds are displayed in the upper right corner.

Space XY has a mobile version that allows players to use the autoplay feature. By tapping the button in the bottom right corner of the screen, the user can choose how many rounds they want to play over the next few minutes. The manufacturer offers auto-play for up to 1,000 rounds.

The user pre-sets the bet size and the automatic game settings. Then, for 30-40 minutes, you can not worry about the possible loss in the crash game. With a high probability online casinos will bring luck to the user and when he comes back, there will be a significant amount of winnings on his balance.

What to look out for in the demo

Space XY Crash does not provide bonuses, but the player may benefit from a few hints from the Space XY provider. Instead of bonuses in the game mechanics, there are alternative options that compensate for this shortcoming.

At the start of the game round the screen not only shows the image of a rocket, but also the emulator shows the number of active bets. The user has the opportunity to observe the actions of other customers in real-time.

Usually, as the rocket rises, the number of active bets decreases, which can serve as a signal to players. If people begin to close their bets and quit the game, it may indicate a high probability of losing.

This clue can be useful for beginners in crash games to reduce their losses. In such games, success depends on correct mathematical calculations. There may be experienced players at this game session who know that the probability of reaching a certain level, such as x10, is extremely small.

Another important aspect is the betting information, which can be found in the top menu tab. Here the user can see the leaderboard and the latest results.

In this section, data about the client is presented, including his nickname, winnings, and the odds at which the bet was made. From the analysis of the betting history, it can be concluded that Space XY usually increases his winnings by more than 5 times every 3-4 rounds.

In the demonstration mode, the user can use the statistics to create a quick winning strategy. If the rocket reaches a height of x10 in the last round, the space shuttle will not go too high in the next three spins. The casino customer must close the bet immediately after the start of the round to use this strategy. If this fails, you can skip a few rounds and return to the game later, when the space shuttle can again reach maximum altitude.

Experts recommend that beginners spend a few hours in the demo mode in Space XY. In this money game, everything happens automatically, which may be unfamiliar to novice players who were previously familiar only with slots.

Additional pluses of the mobile version

Like the crash game Space XY, the online casino app is available for free. The user does not have to pay for downloads, upgrades, or access to the full functionality of the app.

Playing on the mobile app is easier in the shorter formats that require manually closing each bet. The user needs good reactions to handle this task, but success does not always depend solely on his or her playing skills.

When a player plays a crash game via the browser version on the iPhone via Safari or on Android via Yandex or Google, there are problems with the game interface, which does not always respond to the player at the right moment. For example, when the gambler presses the close beta button, nothing happens, which causes the casino client to lose money due to a programming error.

The video slot provider does not influence this. The error is due to a feature of the browser, which causes an additional delay in processing requests from smartphone display clicks. This explains why the manufacturer Space XY recommends playing for money only in the mobile version through the application.

There is no delay in the client program, so after clicking on the "bet" button, the bet is instantly closed and the money goes to the account balance in a second. This prevents beginners from quickly depleting their deposit.

The browser version also has the disadvantage of periodic hangs, even when using HTML5 technology. Some slots do not work properly in full-screen mode on Safari, Yandex, and Google, which can cause the interface to freeze and unresponsive to cursor movements.

The application functions through the server regardless of the speed of the Internet connection and additional programs. This ensures that there are no problems when opening and closing a bet for the user. Moreover, the application does not load the battery and RAM, which is especially important for weak smartphones on the Android operating system.


  1. Can I download Space XY today?

The direct game provider has not created its mobile app, but today you can download the slot from online casinos, as some of the big clubs have their customers.

  1. How do I install the mobile app?

To install Space XY Casino, the player must download the installation file from the official casino website and run it. Once launched, instructions will be provided to complete the download.

  1. On what devices can I use Space XY?

Today, it is possible to play the sweepstakes using mobile devices, tablets, and computers, as the software is supported on various operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, and others.

  1. Is it possible to play online Space XY on a cell phone?

You can run the slot machine both on your phone and in your browser. The game has an excellent mobile web version, which automatically adjusts to the features of your gadget for more convenient and safe entertainment.